The Top Dental Clinic in Norfolk, Nebraska

It was that time of year again, time for my annual dentist appointment. I am not a big fan of the dentist, so I was not looking forward to the appointment. On the plus side, I do go to one of the top dental clinics in Norfolk, Nebraska, where I always know that I will be taken care of. I had no local dentist when I first moved to Norfolk; I asked my friends and co-workers here in town who they went to and who was a respectable dentist. Over half of the people I asked mentioned Family First Dental. I took that as a reliable sign and called and made an appointment. That was over 5 years ago, and Family First Dental is still my top choice for a local dentist, even though dentists are not my cup of tea.

So the day of my dentist appointment arrived, and I was headed to the dental clinic. I arrived, signed in, and only minutes later the dental hygienist called me back and started my teeth cleaning. She cleaned and polished my pearly whites and took dental x-rays as usual. Everything was going well – until the dentist came in. He looked at the x-rays and looked at my teeth and then he broke the bad news. I not only had one cavity but two! Note, I have never had a cavity before, so I was a bit shocked. I asked myself how could this happen. My teeth looked fine and did not hurt; I had no idea I had cavities. Now, my only option was to get fillings to restore the cavities. After my dentist appointment was over, I scheduled another visit to get my fillings taken care of and cavities fixed.

A week later I was back at Family First Dental. It was time for my fillings. The dental hygienist called me back and got me ready for the procedure. The dentist came in and explained that he was going to put in a tooth-colored filling, crafted from composite resin. He said this is the best option and that the fillings would last years. The dentist numbed the area and started restoring my cavities, and I was surprised – I did not feel a thing! Maybe this filling thing was not so bad after all. About 20 minutes later, the dentist was done, and I was good to go. Of course, he reminded me to brush my teeth twice a day and floss a couple of times a week, but other than that, he said he would see me next year unless I had any problems come up.

As much as I do not like the dentist, I do not mind going. When you go to the best dental clinic in Norfolk, Nebraska, you know that you will be taken care of and have to worry about nothing. Family First Dental is one of the most respectable dental clinics in Norfolk, Nebraska and I would not go to anyone else. My rating for the top dental clinic in Norfolk, Nebraska – 5 stars for Family First Dental. I will continue to spread the word about the best dental clinic in Norfolk, Nebraska to friends and family members! ~Mia