Superior Truck Shop Service Equipment

While living on a farm in Nebraska, we had dependable, reliable equipment – no question about it. My dad had a shop where he kept all of his trucks and farm equipment. There he fixed tires, replaced transmissions, changed oil – the list goes on and on. There was always a job to get done, and we did not have time to wait for faulty equipment to be repaired. That is why we continually went to Emerson Manufacturing in Pender, Nebraska to get our wheel jacks, air hydraulic jacks, safety cylinder locks, and fluid transfer systems. They are a family-owned and operated company that offers 100% made in the USA equipment for professional truck shops.

High-Quality Air Jacks and Cylinder Locks

My dad was always big on enforcing safety rules. You protect yourself and your workplace. Emerson focuses on developing products to the highest of standards. Their heavy-duty air jacks are engineered to lift with speed while safely locking into place. My dad highly recommended Emerson Manufacturing’s Air Jack Models 110 and 220. He said they work best for raising trailers, tractors and other various farm equipment for tire and brake upkeep.

Emerson designs its cylinder locks for multiple purposes. While most cylinder locks are permanently attached once in use, Emerson’s can be removed and reused. Their CL-30 Locks come in many sizes that fit on one single-wheel cart making storage a breeze.

Professional Transmission Jacks for Truck, Auto, and Diesel Techs

Emerson understands that mechanics have little to no space to work in at times. That is why my dad had a Meyer Hydraulic Transmission Jack. This jack is refined to account for new truck design changes and limited workspaces. I no longer had to hear my dad fighting and arguing while fixing air tanks, fairings and other components.

100% Made in the USA and Guaranteeing Great Customer Satisfaction

Buying truck shop service equipment made in the USA is a no-brainer. I know my dad would not go anywhere else to get air jacks or cylinder locks. At Emerson Manufacturing in Pender, Nebraska, you can rest assured knowing that they make and test every product before it leaves their warehouse to ensure it meets the high-quality standards they hold.

They have fantastic customer service too! Their staff is available to diagnose and troubleshoot any problem you may have and get you the right part for your equipment – which they have in stock. So naturally, my rating for this air jack and cylinder lock manufacturer in Northeast Nebraska is 5 Stars. My father and I would recommend Emerson Manufacturing for any truck shop, farm shop and heavy-duty service equipment needs.

~ Mia