The Strongest Wheel Jacks, Farm Jacks, and Air Jacks in Northeast Nebraska

When you deal with heavy duty trucks, you need heavy duty equipment. My dad always said that he did not trust a piece of equipment if he didn’t know the guy he was buying it from. That is not the case at Emerson Manufacturing in Pender, Nebraska, because my dad knows everyone there! Back in the day while my dad was searching for a reliable air jack, he was referred to Emerson Manufacturing by a friend.

His friend raved on and on that Emerson produces the best air jacks in Northeast Nebraska. My dad purchased an Emerson air jack and has had it ever since. They also have other truck shop equipment like cylinder locks, wheel jacks, farm jacks and fluid transfer systems. If you need it, they have it!

Emerson Manufacturing | Quality Air Jacks in Northeast Nebraska

Since my dad first went to Emerson Manufacturing, he has never gone elsewhere. He is now a faithful, loyal customer to Emerson. How could he not be? He has had that air jack that was one of his first purchases from Emerson for over 5 years already! If that is not reliable, dependable equipment, then I don’t know what is. Since that first purchase, I think my dad has bought one of everything – literally. He has an air jack, farm service jack, wheel jack, many vehicle support stands and the list goes on and on. The one thing I will say about all of this heavy duty shop equipment is it really is heavy duty and built to last. When my dad buys a piece of equipment, he has it for years.

Customer Satisfaction – #1 Goal

Emerson Manufacturing in Pender, Nebraska produces their products to the highest possible standards and customer satisfaction is their number one goal. That in itself is a big part of why my dad keeps going there. If he ever has a problem, which is hardly ever, there is no doubt that the team at Emerson Manufacturing will handle it with their expert customer service. Emerson Manufacturing is the place to get quality air jacks in Northeast Nebraska. I give them a 5-star rating. ~ Mia