Spruce Up Your Property with Vinyl Picket Fencing

White picket fences have long been a symbol of quiet, middle-class life in the suburbs, and the fences are both practical and pretty. In the past, picket fences were typically made of wood, but manufacturers nowadays have created vinyl options that consist of prefabricated panels of the posts, rails, and pickets.

Vinyl fencing is increasingly becoming the go-to choice for homeowners who want the look of wood without the maintenance. Vinyl picket fencing does take an initial up-front investment that is more costly than wood fencing, but a vinyl fence can last 10 years or more with very little maintenance.

While wood fencing entails regular staining and inspection to avoid rot, vinyl fencing simply needs a yearly wash down with a hose. Vinyl fencing is also safer for pets and children because there is no chemicals or staining that can be toxic. Vinyl does not splinter as wood does, and is made from recycled material, making it an eco-friendly option.

Change the Look of Your Home with Picket Fencing

After living with my husband in our house for a good 5 years now, we decided it was time for a change and to spruce up the outside. We had a plan to add flowers, some simple shrubbery, and a picket fence around our property to tie it all together. One can easily see over and through the fence, and it adds curb appeal to your yard. Plus, a picket fence is a great way to keep your kids and pets in the yard without making an eyesore for you or your neighbors; the neighbor-friendly picket fences are designed to look the same on both sides, making it a win-win!

It was finally Saturday, and our outside project was about to start. We headed to Husker Vinyl in Humphrey, Nebraska – the top vinyl fencing distributor around! From the simple, classic picket fence to the beautiful scallop-top look, they have a wide selection of styles, colors and sizes to suit your taste and needs.

My husband and I discussed all of the vinyl fencing options with the Husker Vinyl fencing expert and finally decided on a picket fencing that we thought would work best for our home – the Meadowbrook Picket Fence. This picket fencing is a high quality, virtually maintenance free fencing. This fence will add style to our landscape and curb appeal to our home. The bottom rails have aluminum reinforcement, and the gate post inserts are made of aluminum as well. This picket fence is sure to last years!

After picking up the fencing, we headed home to install it. We really appreciated the step-by-step installation instructions that came with the fence. This made setting up the fence super easy and quick. By Sunday night, we had the whole fence installed on our property along with all of the flowers and shrubbery planted. We took a step back to look at the finished product and could not believe what a transformation it was. It was a complete 180°, and we absolutely loved it! We even had our neighbors complementing on the picket fencing and how great it looked.

Picket Fencing for Your Property

When you decide that you want picket fencing on your property, head to Husker Vinyl in Humphrey, Nebraska. They have several options you can choose from to get the look and features you desire. We love the look and the maintenance-free factor of our picket fencing. Can you guess my rating for Husker Vinyl’s picket fencing? 5 stars of course! We would not go anywhere else, and in fact, we have referred people to Husker Vinyl in Humphrey, Nebraska since installing picket fencing on our property! ~Mia