High-Quality Industrial Grade Service Equipment

Growing up on a farm, there is always something to do. This was exceptionally true for my dad, who was always working on the equipment that had broken down. I do not know how many times I walked outside and there he was, lying under a vehicle fixing whatever had broken that day. He is the kind of guy who fixes things himself and gets the job done. Of course, to get the job done, he needs the right equipment to do so. That is why he has always gone to Emerson Manufacturing in Pender, Nebraska. They specialize in air jacks, hydraulic jacks, and safety lifting equipment. They also provide farm service shop equipment such as waste oil, antifreeze and brake drum caddies – which my mom really liked since there was no more oil or chemical spots on the grass or driveway.

Professionally Manufactured Equipment for Your Automotive Needs

Emerson Manufacturing focuses on developing truck shop service equipment to the highest of standards. Their quality air jacks are designed to lift with speed while safely locking into place. The Air Jack Models 110 and 220 work well for lifting trailers, tractors and other equipment for tire and brake maintenance.

Use the Emerson Wedge Locks to safely lock up the body and bed on dump trucks, roll-offs, and trash compacting trucks. Emerson Wedge Locks are tested and certified before leaving the warehouse.

The Model OC-16A: Oil Caddy is great for changing oil efficiently, and it was less messy. The oil caddy is a pressurized system so you will not have to worry about wearing out the pump. The best part about this caddy was that the drain hose was eight feet long. It was very convenient for my dad to transfer the oil from the caddy to the bin for cleanup and removal.

Certified and Tested to Get the Job Done

Emerson Manufacturing in Pender, Nebraska tests and approves every product before it leaves their warehouse to ensure it meets their standards. They back up their equipment with a commitment to quality service throughout the life of their products. From their air jacks to their fluid transfer systems, everything is 100% made in the USA. Emerson Manufacturing is the go-to place to get your truck shop service equipment and for that, myself and my dad, give them a 5-star rating. ~ Mia