Heavy Duty Air Jacks for Heavy Duty Equipment!

As a girl who grew up on a farm in Nebraska, there was always something to fix. Whether it was one of my dad’s farm trucks or the tractor, the job had to get done. There was always one thing that was tradition when fixing trucks and equipment – we always got our air jacks, farm service jacks and truck safety stands from Emerson Manufacturing in Pender, Nebraska.

We knew we could trust the Emerson Manufacturing Corporation since they are family owned and operated and have been marketing truck and heavy equipment products since 1960. They offer the highest level of service with 100% satisfaction. And the best part about all of this, as my father would say,”Everything is made in the USA! America!”

You see, my dad trusted them because they tested every air jack, cylinder lock, and truck ramp product before it left their warehouse and came to our farm to ensure the product met the proper standards. The staff at Emerson Manufacturing is there to troubleshoot broken equipment and they even have service and repair parts on hand for all fluid transfer systems, jacks, support stands, and crushers.

Hydraulic Jacks, Safety Lifting Equipment & Fluid Transfer Systems

Dad really liked the fact that Emerson sold a wide variety of products. Not only does Emerson Manufacturing specialize in air jacks, hydraulic jacks and safety lifting equipment, they also provide farm service shop equipment such as antifreeze, waste oil, and brake drum caddies. The brake drum caddy helped my father tremendously when removing or installing parts on the axle of the truck. This greatly reduced the chance of my dad crushing toes or smashing fingers that is for sure.

High-Quality Axel Jacks, Air Jacks & Transmission Jacks

The Emerson Pump axle jack is by far the best on the market hands down, and lasts for years. Containing 3 stackable extensions, this axle jack reaches multiple height adjustments and has a 25-ton capacity.

The combined safety and speed of lifting from the tough and durable air jacks and safety stands produced by Emerson Manufacturing is incredible. With the capacity of lifting and lowering loads of up to 30,000 lbs., you will not be disappointed with the performance of the air jack and safety stand packages.

Emerson understands that technicians have limited space to work in at times. That is why their Meyer hydraulic transmission jacks have refined their products to account for new truck design changes and tighter workspaces. Now mechanics no longer have to fight against air tanks, fairings and other components.

Emerson Manufacturing Equipment is 100% Made in the USA and Customer Satisfaction is their #1 Goal!

Emerson Manufacturing offers the highest level of service and a strong promise to 100% satisfaction. They manufacture every product to the highest possible standards. So, my rating for this air jack manufacturer in Northeast Nebraska? Without a doubt 5 Stars! My father and I would definitely recommend Emerson Manufacturing for all of your truck shop, farm shop and heavy duty service equipment needs.

~ Mia