Axle Jacks, Wheel Jacks and More

When you live on a farm, things break. Vehicles start making noises and equipment fails to start. When my dad and brothers work on the trucks, tractors, and trailers, they almost always use axle jacks and wheel jacks, from Emerson Manufacturing in Pender, Nebraska, to lift the vehicle or equipment.

If you are doing any work or inspection on a vehicle or piece of equipment, you need axle jacks. Why? Without an axle jack, there is no other way to lift the vehicle off of the ground. Jacks and jack stands are not just for changing a tire; they can also transform any area into an automotive workspace in no time at all, making it possible for users and mechanics to perform vehicle or equipment maintenance and repairs right where you are. Air or hydraulic axle jacks and stands are incredibly safe and reliable as long as they are used correctly and the correct jack or jack stand is used according to the vehicle weight.

All about Axle Jacks

An axle jack uses the power of hydraulics to lift up part of a vehicle or equipment allowing the operator clearance to change that flat tire or perform repairs or required maintenance. Equipment Jacks come in a variety of types and weight ratings. Choosing the right kind of jack for the work being performed is key, not only for the safety of the mechanic but the vehicle as well.

Almost every new vehicle or piece of equipment sold includes a jack as the standard tool for changing a tire. While these jacks are unquestionably up to the task of lifting the vehicle a few inches off the ground to change a tire, a second jack or jack stand may be required for more in-depth work.

It is always wise to be cautious when using any jack. If the vehicle getting lifted weighs 2 tons, use a jack that is rated for at least 2.5 tons. Never use a jack on a vehicle that is over its rated capacity. The Model 25-4: Axle Jack from Emerson Manufacturing is a powerful 25-ton capacity axle jack and is capable of completing all jobs big or small!

Quality Equipment Jacks to Get the Job Done

Jacks rely on mechanical or hydraulic mechanisms to raise the vehicle off the ground, and over time it is possible for these mechanisms to wear. It does not happen very often, but they can fail altogether. Emerson Manufacturing in Pender, Nebraska tests every product before it leaves their warehouse to ensure it meets their standards. They back up their equipment with a commitment to quality service throughout the life of their products. Long story short – the axle jacks and other equipment produced by Emerson Manufacturing are a lot less likely to fail and as a result are much safer. The Emerson axle jacks are by far the best on the market and will run trouble free for years. I give Emerson Manufacturing’s Axle Jacks a 5-Star rating. My father, brothers and I would recommend Emerson Manufacturing for any shop! ~ Mia